The Tales from the Classroom Project

What began as an idea has turned into a movement. For some time now public schools in America, and the people who work within them, have been under attack. The attack comes from negative media attention, politicians, and public policies aimed at punitive measures to fix the "Nation at Risk" and that were "Leaving  Children Behind." The Tales from the Classroom Team is made up of former and current K-12 public school teachers and scholars who spend countless hours in public schools across the nation who believe that public schools not the cesspools they are portrayed to be. 

So we decided to put our time and money where our mouthes are to look at the state of American public schools. We want to hear from the students, teachers, and administrators in those schools what their experience is like.  To do this, our team of fifteen scholars will examine elementary, middle, and high schools in rural, suburban, and urban districts across the United States. We will use this site, our forthcoming book Tales from the Classroom: How Public Policy Really Affects our Schools, our social media platforms, our blog posts, and our podcast Tales from the Classroom to share those stories with you and to tell the story of how public policies are really affecting our schools. 

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