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The Golden Apples Project

At Tales from the Classroom, we are launching our Golden Apples project where our team of curriculum experts has designed a unique tool to evaluate teacher-created curricula, products, and resources for the purpose of providing third-party, expert reviews for teacher consumers and feedback to content creators.

Golden Apples Logo with Border.png

Golden Apples has created a highly calibrated measurement tool geared towards finding the best resources for a teacher’s classroom. Developed by a team of educational researchers with an extensive background in curriculum development, the tool highlights strengths across categories such as student engagement, alignment to educational standards, and methodology to create a strength-based profile. Each profile emphasizes The Harvest (strengths) that is gleaned from the resource, while also providing Seeds to Plant (opportunities to improve) to support content creators in producing the best possible product. The Golden Apple profile is captured in a visual matrix paired with a written summary for ease of use, saving teachers valuable time. The Golden Apples matrix guides consumers to more effectively match their teaching needs to the products created.

Golden Apples provides a one-stop-shop for teachers to intentionally search for resources based on the desired characteristics for their classroom and to purchase these resources across the various teacher marketplaces.

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