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Golden Apples Submission

Submit your curricula, products, and resources to our team of curriculum experts and receive a third-party, expert review. Our carefully crafted review provides each creator with feedback that can be utilized to improve the content and clearly articulate the strengths of the curricula, products, and resources to potential buyers.

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8 Criteria for Review

Student Engagement

Emphasis on physically and/or intellectually engaging students, putting them at the center of the learning through active participation and options for student choice.


Tailors curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet the individual needs of diverse learners (e.g. incorporating multiple learning modalities, multiple forms of representation, resources for SpED, GT, or ELL students).


Appropriate formative and/or summative assessments provided are comprehensive, aligned to curricular outcomes, and include scoring guide or rubric.


The curriculum is explicitly aligned across standards, objectives, and content.


Supplemental materials provided have a digital/editable option with product introduction/explanation to help contextualize the curricula (e.g. timing of the lesson/curriculum package).

Comprehensive Approach

Includes attention to equity, inclusion, culturally responsive practices, integrated social-emotional learning, and student experience.

Cognitive Processing

Academic challenge is developmentally appropriate for multiple levels while fostering imagination and critical thinking.

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