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Technology to Promote Literacy

As the world of technology continues to develop, so should our implementation of technology in the Language Arts classroom. Within my building, we use technology aligned with applications like Google Classroom and online review games. This year I am challenging myself to be more creative and purposeful in the ways technology is used in my classroom. The research shared in "Supporting Teachers in Integrating Digital Technology Into Language Arts Instruction to Promote Literacy" was based on implementing technology within an elementary building: however, the ideas shared could be integrated and modified within all grade levels.

Colwell and Hutchison (2015) focus on improving reading comprehension, promoting discussion, and supporting collaboration. For these three specific purposes, the authors put together a set of practical guidelines for integrating technology into the classroom. Types of technology shared include: wikis, blogs, discussion boards, podcasts, emails, cartoon creators, and digital video tools. For the various types of technology the authors provide tools, types of learning these tools support, and various constrictions to keep in mind. Each tool is also described with an example of classroom implementation. For example, a fourth grade teacher used blogs in their classroom to improve classroom discussions, which prompted students to begin asked worthwhile questions both online and in verbal class conversations.

This article is a helpful tool for teachers wanting to increase meaningful uses for technology in their classroom. The clear and specific tools and strategies shared allow teachers to effectively use technology in their classrooms to improve their students literacy skills and prepare them for the technological world ahead.

Questions to Consider:

  • How do the teachers in my child’s school building utilize technology within their classrooms?

  • Are their opportunities for teachers to collaborate on creative, meaningful ways to incorporate technology within their classrooms?

  • Does the technology provided within the school building promote daily technology use in the classroom? If not, what can be done to improve this?

Jamie Colwell & Amy C. Hutchison (2015). Supporting teachers in integrating digital technology Into Language Arts instruction to promote literacy. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, (31)2, 56-63.

Rachel Borgerding is a middle school Intervention Specialist working towards her Master’s in School Administration through Capital University.