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An Open Letter to Teachers on Standardized Testing During a Pandemic

By Abigail Lund

Dear Teacher,

Wherever you are, you have had quite the year.

You have reinvented the wheel more times than you can count. You possibly have quarintained multiple times due to close contact with your students. You have taught online, online and in person, in person and online and any other combinations that are out there. You have probably worked more hours, cried more tears, and felt more pressure than is fair. And I am here to say…

I see you, and I understand.

You have converted all your lessons to online platforms while your family sleeps. You have learned to teach 6 feet away. You have become a cleaning expert sanitizing your room every hour. You have become a mask expert wearing it for up to 8 hours a day [which is quite a feat by the way seeing that most adults can’t handle walking through the grocery store with one.]

And you have taught the best you can.

If you were very lucky your admin supported you in this-- if you are like most educators out there you did this yourself or with your tribe.

As the doors open to the school year for the first time for some, and as the exhausting journey continues in class for others I wanted to encourage you in a simple truth that I tell my students all the time.

You are more than a test.

You have value, a listening ear, advice, creativity, and community building skills.

You are more than a standardized political beast.

You know what this data will tell you nothing of all the hours you have put into the 2020- 2021 school year… it will not define you. Unless you let it.

So as the worst season of education comes to a close (standardized testing season), let this be a reminder. We need to dig DEEPER into radical inequalities, grow together in work-life balance, uplift all voices and remind ourselves that…

Our value doesn’t lie in a test.


A Concerned Teacher

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Abigail teaches 5th grade science and math to her fabulous kiddos in Cincinnati. She earned her BA at Judson University in Chicago-land and is working on her Masters in Teaching at Miami University through the Ohio Writing Project. She has a passion for integrating writing and reading into all contents. She loves coffee about as much as her husband and baby son… and is a self-proclaimed lifetime learner. Catch up with daily happenings and ramblings on Twitter @mrsablund via email or check out other writings by Abigail