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Tale Teller's Spotlight: Naim Sanders

The Tale Teller's Spotlight gets you inside the minds of the most influential thinkers in education. Here we will talk about the work they are doing and share with you the newest trends, important changes, and essential information you need to know about K-12 education. The recorded interviews are formatted as short yet insightful interviews that highlight the work of the best authors and researchers in education.

This edition of Tale Teller's Spotlight features Naim Sanders, author of several books including The Beautiful Struggles of Teaching and his latest A Sacred Place For Learning: Teaching, Leading & Culture. Mr. Sanders is currently a school principal who has been a teacher, professional developer, adjunct professor, and keynote speaker in his many years in education.

Tale Teller's Spotlight Interview Topics

In the Tale Teller's Spotlight segment, interviewer Bradley Conrad and Mr. Sanders discussed the following topics and more:

  1. His background in K-12 education.

  2. Why in his book he describes schools as sacred spaces.

  3. Why teachers, administrators, school professionals, and students need to connect to their authentic selves to thrive in the classroom.

  4. What he means when he says that “sacred teachers” are able to implement “the divine” and “the splendid.”

  5. What he would do to make all schools “sacred places” for learning.

  6. What kinds of things he thinks about in the car on the way to work or when he has a quiet moment.

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