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Visions of Good Education: Alex Calderon

This edition of Visions of Good Education features teacher and host of the 1st Gen Teacher Lens podcast Alex Calderon. The 1st Gen Teacher Lens, which is a part of the Teach Better Network, is a podcast aimed to support teachers of all backgrounds. Mr. Calderon is a first-generation American and professional who shares the story of his journey on his podcast while covering salient issues in K-12 education.

Visions of Good Education Spotlight Interview Topics In this Visions of Good Education segment, Alex Calderon discussed the following topics:

  1. His background in K-12 education as a student and as an educator.

  2. His inspiration to start a podcast despite being a full-time teacher and graduate student.

  3. His creative direction and vision for the 1st Gen Teacher Lens show.

  4. What issues he finds most pressing in K-12 education right now.

  5. What motivates him in the face of the many challenges in your daily work (particularly during the pandemic).

  6. What he would do if he was put you in charge of K-12 education.

And more!

Links for Alex Calderon and 1st Gen Teacher Lens: