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Visions of Good Education: Dr. David Stovall

The Visions of Good Education series gets you inside the minds of visionary thinkers making a difference in the world of K-12 education every day. In this series we highlight the various aspects of what good education looks like for teachers, administrators, leaders, educational product makers and service providers, and more.Imagine the possibilities for schools with us!

This edition of Visions of Good Education features Dr. David Stovall, Professor of African-American Studies and Criminology, Law & Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Author of Born out of Struggle and 21st Century Jim Crow Schools, Dr. Stovall works with a number of community organizations and schools to address issues of equity, justice, and abolishing the school/prison nexus.

“Your ability to ‘succeed’ on these (standardized) tests is much more equated to family income than your ability to actually engage complex issues and concerns and to analyze and actually produce understandings of those complex issues and concerns.” – Dr. David Stovall on standardized testing

Tale Teller's Spotlight Interview Topics

In the Visions of Good Education segment, interviewer Bradley Conrad and Dr. Stovall discussed the following topics and more:

  1. His background in K-12 education.

  2. His vision for changing the educational system and the systems connected to and around it.

  3. His definition of neoliberalism and how it has impacted public schools.

  4. How standardized testing continues to perpetuate political, social, economic, and educational inequities.

  5. His vision for a system of K-20 education that is more inclusive and equitable.

  6. His advice for teachers, students, administrators, and school professionals who continue to fight for equity, social justice, and inclusion that may feel overwhelmed or defeated.

  7. What gives him purpose.

Links to Dr. David Stovall and His Work

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