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Visions of Good Education: Stephen Smith

The Visions of Good Education series gets you inside the minds of visionary thinkers making a difference in the world of K-12 education every day. In this series we highlight the various aspects of what good education looks like for teachers, administrators, leaders, educational product makers and service providers, and more.Imagine the possibilities for schools with us!

This edition of Visions of Good Education features Stephen Smith, CEO of Intellispark, chair of the national board at College Possible, and co-author of Who Do You Think You Are: Three Critical Conversations for Coaching Teens to College & Career Success. Stephen is an experienced entrepreneur in the education sector and has focused on finding ways to use technology to support students.

"Nobody should go to school and feel like there isn’t someone that really cares about them." - Stephen Smith, CEO Intellispark

Tale Teller's Spotlight Interview Topics

In the Visions of Good Education segment, interviewer Rachel Fuhrman and Stephen Smith discussed the following topics and more:

  1. His journey into the education sector

  2. His work with career and college readiness

  3. The whole-child approach to student success

  4. The importance of consistent relationships

  5. The skills beyond the content standards needed for success in college and career

  6. His definition of student success and why it matters to him

  7. How Intellispark creates an interconnected system for all stakeholders to support a student through building relationships and addressing all student needs

And more!

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Who Do You Think You Are? (book):

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