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We’re Back From Break with Big Plans for Our Readers!

By Bradley Conrad, PhD

The Tales from the Classroom team took a little bit of an extended summer break this year, but we are back and back in a big way! So much has happened in the education world over the past few months and we are excited to continue to get you inside schools to hear from our teachers, administrators, school professionals, educational researchers, authors, and more.

For those of you new to Tales from the Classroom, we’re a little different from most blogs you will read. While we encourage examining what is “wrong” in K-12 education, we focus on solutions and wish to focus on what is right as well as what could be. Our team is made up of education scholars and K-12 professionals from across the US, seeking to improve education. To achieve this end, we aim to inform parents, educators, policymakers, and those interested in K-12 education about:

  • what is really happening in schools

  • what good education looks like

  • what great education leadership looks like

  • what are the great ideas in education

  • how we can best improve our schools

We are a platform for the voices of all those involved with the K-12 educational enterprise.

So What’s New?

We weren’t just sitting back by a pool with a frosty drink in our hands all summer (well, not the whole summer at least). We have been reading, talking with important people in education, visiting schools, conversing with authors, observing educational environments, researching, and much more! In the process we have designed some new features that we are rolling out to you, our wonderful readers, to further enlighten you about the world of K-12 education. Here is the new lineup we are so excited about:

The Tale Teller’s Spotlight

We are going to be getting you inside the minds of the best and brightest thinkers in education in this feature. Here we will talk about the work they are doing/have done and share with you the newest trends, important changes, and essential information you need to know about K-12 education. These are formatted as short, five-question interviews that will highlight the work of the best authors and researchers in education.

Visions of Good Education

This is a unique, exciting new feature that will get you inside schools, classrooms, and the minds of those making a difference by working with our kids every day. In this series we will highlight the various aspects of what good education looks like for teachers, administrators, leaders, educational product makers, and more. We will get you inside the school and show you things like: What does great teaching look like? What are the innovative school leaders doing? What are the best curriculum writers and developers working on? What educational product companies are creating things that are making a difference?

Profiles of an Educator

In this series we will sit down with teachers, principals, and other school professionals to share with you what makes great educators so special. So much is written about the skill of teaching but what we know from the vast array of research that is out there is that great teaching is an art. There are elements of style and particular dispositions held by the best teachers. We hope to help you put your finger on the “it” of great teaching and school leadership in our interviews with teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other school staff members.

Tales Testimonials

Our final new series will focus on the best educational products for parents, students, teachers, administrators, and other school professionals. Our Tales Testimonial Team will try out various educational products for themselves and give you our review of the product. We will share with you how these products could improve the lives of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and other school professionals. If you have a product you would like to review, reach out to us at

Our Other Content

While we are thrilled to roll out these new features, we will continue to write about what is happening in education. We will continue to host guest bloggers and cross-post with our partners such as Teachers College Press, IN:SIGHTS, and Deep Practices. We will continue to invite teachers, parents, students, administrators, researchers, or other educational professionals to write guest blog post to provide a platform for the wide array of voices that comprise the educational enterprise.

This is for You, Our Readers

We are so grateful for our wonderful readers. Together we truly believe that we are making a difference for our kids. This blog is a labor of love for all of the Tales team who want every student to have the best education humanly possible. We want to share with you the amazing things we read about, research, and see to help parents better support their kids…to help kids grow…to inform teacher’s practice…to enlighten our school leaders…to edify our school professionals…and to get all of you, our readers, inside what is really happening in K-12 education!