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The Golden Apples Team

The Golden Apples Team is comprised of a team of curriculum experts, each of who have earned doctorates in the field of curriculum while possessing extensive experience in K-12 education. Our team brings a broad knowledge of curricular theory, research, development, implementation, and evaluation to each and every Golden Apples review. Further, we have all been teachers with many other experiences in K-12 education including being administrators, instructional coaches, teacher mentors, department/grade chairs, and much more. 


Co-Team Lead

Dr. Courtney Berry

Courtney Berry is a faculty member at MSU Denver and a K-12 administrator. Dr. Berry has a EdD from the University of Northern Colorado in Educational Studies and is a national presenter on meeting the unique needs of diverse populations. She has particular expertise in special education.


Team Member

Dr. Jennifer Bartee

Jennifer Bartee is a faculty member at the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Bartee has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver with a dual background in both music education and gifted education. She is a curriculum generalist.

Hoyun Cho Head Shot.jpg

Team Member

Dr. Hoyun Cho

Hoyun Cho is an Associate Professor of Education (Mathematics Education) in the School of Education at Capital University. He has been widely published in a variety of educational journals, has given lectures and held workshops across the globe, and is the former editor of NCTM's Cartoon Corner. His expertise in in K-12 math curriculum.


Team Member

Dr. Taryn Robertson

Taryn Robertson is a post-doctoral mixed methods researcher at San Diego State Univeristy interested in multicultural education. She holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver. Taryn is a former high school ELAR and ELL teacher. She is a curriculum generalist. 

Bradley Conrad Head Shot.jpg

Co-Team Lead

Dr. Bradley Conrad

Bradley Conrad is an associate professor in the School of Education at Capital University. Dr. Conrad is co-author of the book Lesson Planning with Purpose: Five Approaches to Curriculum Design. He was a high school Language Arts teacher and is a curriculum generalist with a focus on secondary curriculum.


Team Member

Dr. Greg Chalfin

Greg Chalfin is the Head of Middle School at Stanley British Primary School, a progressive K-8 independent school in Denver, CO. Dr. Chalfin holds a doctorate (Ed.D) in Educational Studies from the University of Northern Colorado. He was an elementary school teacher with expertise in K-8 curriculum.


Team Member

Dr. Dan Conn

Dan Conn is an associate professor at Minot State University and co-author of Unraveling the Assessment Industrial Complex: Understanding how testing perpetuates inequality and injustice in America. Dan won the Patricia A. Behring Colorado Teacher of the Year Award in K-12 and two Professor of the Year Awards at Minot St. He is a curriculum generalist.


Team Member

Dr. Jason Trumble

Jason Trumble is an assistant professor of Education at the University of Central Arkansas in the Department of Teaching and Learning. His research is centered around the intersection of teaching and technology, focusing on emerging technologies. He is a curriculum generalist with a focus on elementary curriculum.


Team Member

Jodie Wilson

Jodie L. Wilson is a researcher and scholar in the field of curriculum and instruction. Her work reflects an ongoing commitment to improving the range and forms of experience that culturally diverse students use to create meaning and enhance their learning through arts-based and aesthetic approaches to teaching and learning. She was an elementary school teacher and is a curriculum generalist.

Contact the Team

Send us your questions, comments, or teacher-created resources for review. Feel free to reach out to see how you can be a part of the Golden Apples team!

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